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Video: Lives Changed at Faith Alive - Hope

When Hope was a very small child, her parents both died of HIV AIDS. Now orphaned, her Aunt Jessica (pictured above) was the only remaining adult in her family who would care for baby Hope. Soon it was discovered that baby Hope also had HIV a common thing for babies born to HIV positive mothers.

There was little to be done for baby Hope as there were no clinics or free hospitals nearby. Aunt Jessica heard of Faith Alive and brought her to the hospital where she was able to get baby Hope on a medical and nutritional plan that saved her life. Fast forward 20 years and now a young lady, Hope finds out that she is pregnant, and like so many single mothers, is ostracized from society. Again Jessica helps her, and brings her to Faith Alive for OBGYN and pre natal care, and she is now enrolled in skills acquisition so she can support her child.

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