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About Us


The mission of Faith Alive USA, Inc. is to help transform the lives of the poor, vulnerable and sick in Nigeria, primarily by:

    •    Conducting educational outreach in the United States on the current health conditions in Nigeria and how support and action from people in the United States can make a difference.

    •    Providing monetary and in-kind support for programs that provide free, holistic health care and compassionate social services to the people of Nigeria.

    •    Working closely with Faith Alive Foundation, a non-governmental non-profit organization in Jos, Nigeria. For more information about the Faith Alive Foundation in Nigeria, click here.

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Our Ministries in Nigeria

The Faith Alive Foundation provides free medical services and other holistic care to the community of Jos, Nigeria, a city of approximately 1 million people. Learn More.


The Board of Directors of Faith Alive USA, Inc. is fully independent and committed to responsibly serve our donors and partners in Nigeria. The Board provides grant oversight by reviewing and evaluating all program proposals, approving proposals that we determine to further our mission, and monitoring use of grant funds and in-kind donations to our grantees. We are a 501(c)3 organization - our Federal Tax ID number is 27-4286854.  More information about our financials can be found here.

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