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Sustainably Investing in Lives

Faith Alive in Jos, Nigeria, is much more than a clinic, serving about 40,000 patients a year in OBGYN, Maternity, Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Gastroenterology, Pediatrics, Dental, General Surgeries, Imaging, and Diagnostics.

But what makes Faith Alive extra special is that most of our projects also provide sustainability benefits to the hospital in Jos. The Center of Excellence at Faith Alive is a collection of modern medical equipment that not only serves the poor but also attracts wealthier, fee paying patients to the hospital. These patients would otherwise have to travel many hours for medical services. Faith Alive generates about $50,000 annually from these services, and the income is used to subsidize hospital operations for the poor. Last year's Laparoscope project is a prime example of a Center of Excellence project.

Likewise, this year's Solar project, while not medical equipment, is also an example of a project with sustainability benefits - cash savings from lower diesel fuel costs (~$60,000/yr). Like the center of Excellence, these cash flows will be used to subsidize the main hospital for the poor.

Project like these allow your donation to Faith Alive to be a gift that keeps on giving years after the donation. Won't you help us?

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