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Another Life Saved

As Dr. Chris is fond of saying, “the best investment you can make is in human lives.” Here is a life impacted: 8 year old Victory was brought into the Faith Alive Hospital by his mother Blessing for a scheduled hernia repair. The Surgery team operated successfully, but 3 weeks later he was brought into the emergency room with a distended abdomen, vomiting, and convulsions. Unknown to the surgeons, Victory had another condition caused by his hernia, a bladder fistula. Victory lapsed into unconsciousness and stopped breathing twice. The surgery team began CPR, while the staff and parents began fervently praying. Victory revived and the surgery team was able to subsequently operate and repair the bladder. Victory was able to leave the hospital 2 weeks later– praise be to God! Victory is just one of the 40,000 patients helped by Faith Alive each year

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