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Center of Excellence

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

The Center of Excellence at Faith Alive Nigeria is a financial sustainability initiative that helps the hospital to provide free health services to its patients in need. Several years ago, in response to dramatically reduced foreign aid to Faith Alive Foundation Nigeria, Dr. Chris Isichei and his staff began to envision a center where those who can afford it could get modern medical service locally for a fee instead of traveling abroad for such care.

By installing state of the art laboratory and digital x-ray equipment, the hospital now has better and faster diagnostic capabilities for its free patients and income from those patients who are not indigent. This income is used to underwrite the operating costs of the free medical and social services.

The Center began with the installation of a digital x ray machine in 2014, and since then has installed a viral load testing machine, an apheresis system, and an automated blood culture analyzer as well as other laboratory equipment. The center of excellence resides in an adjacent building to the hospital and provided $105,000.00 profit as revenue in 2018.

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