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2019 Hospital Stats

With the help of all of Faith Alive's Donors, here are the Hospital's statistics for 2019. All provided at no charge to the patient, unless otherwise noted. This report illustrates the breadth and depth of the services provide by the Hospital, and indicates the number lives touched and cared for in Jesus' name.

Total Patient Visits 58,510

Patient Visits concerning HIV/AIDS 28,477

Patients Admitted into hospital 1,638

Maternity Related Visits 5,399

Babies Delivered 1,079

Center of Excellence Lab Tests Run (free / fee) 11,098

Digital X-Rays at Fee-for-Service 1,751

Conventional X-Rays (majority is free) 1,262

Students attending the Hwol Yarje School 295

Patients/Clients in Vocational Training Program 67

Paid Staff and Volunteers 173

Surgical Consultations done 1,021

Surgical Operations performed 1,088

General Out Patients seen 2,464

HIV tests performed 7,568

Cardiology Related visits 1,061

Ophthalmology Related visits (doubled 2018) 1,991

Ear Nose &Throat Related visits 130

Gynecology Related visits 599

ECHO Cardiograms performed 167

Ultrasounds performed 1,943

EKG’s Performed 659

Sewing students graduates 27

Catering school graduates 5

Computer school graduates 12

Patients screened for TB 999

Patients that commenced TB treatment 258

Prayers of Thanks Thousands

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