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Faith Alive Stats for 2023

It is always amazing to see the number of patients that come to Faith Alive. Behind each one of these is a live served.

Total Patient Visits 31,972

Patient Visits Related to HIV/AIDS 11,765

Patients Admitted into hospital 2,054

Maternity Related Visits 9,211

Babies Delivered 1,556

Laboratory Tests 11,155

Digital X-Ray 1,009

Conventional X-Rays 1,120

Fibroscans 4,318

Gastroscopy/Colonoscopy 642

Students attending Schools 632

Patients/Clients in Vocational Training Program 54

Surgical Consultations done 760

Surgical Operations done (Excluding eye) 932

Eye Surgeries 256

General Out Patient seen 20,207

Total Numbers HIV tests done 3,521

Cardiology Related visits 995

Ophthalmology Related visits 4,531

Gynaecology Related visits 735

Psychiatry Related visits 113

Echo investigations 210

Ultrasound Investigations 1,212

ECG Investigations 224

Skills Acquisition Sewing 36

Skills Acquisition Catering 3

Skills Acquisition Computer 10

S Skills Acquisition shoemaking 3

Skills Acquisition Knitting 3

Skills Acquisition Salon 2

Outreach Center HIV Tests 982

Total number of patients screened for TB and COVID 9,553

Patients Receiving Anti-retrovirals 5,885

Dental Related visits and procedures 303

ENT visits and procedures 477

Youth soccer team members 64

Adolescent care services hospital visits 521

Food Bank (FANOL) Beneficiaries 1,296

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