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Board of Directors   /   Erika Nossokoff
Erika Nossokoff /   Director

Erika has supported the Faith Alive hospital since her first visit there in 2008. In addition to being the former International Coordinator and Save-A-Life Director for Faith Alive Foundation--Nigeria, she wrote and published Faith Alive: Stories of Hope and Healing from an African Doctor and His Hospital (2013). She earned her M.A. in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary with an emphasis in International Development and Urban Studies (2017). She served as the Director of Faith & Global Engagement raising money and as well as leading teams to 7 countries and also was the Capacity Building Director: ReStore at Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity in Colorado. She currently volunteers on her church’s mission & outreach board where she formerly served on staff in various Director roles, d volunteers at a home décor boutique that she founded at the Habitat ReStore, and plays with her grandchildren. Her favorite verses are in Philippians 4 about not being anxious about anything, but going to God with thanksgiving and prayer. She learned her favorite saying from Dr. Chris, “Let’s see what God will do…!”

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